IT Compliance Services Contego Inc.

IT Compliance Management

Contego’s IT Compliance Management Services will help your organization identify and maintain compliance requirements, deliver real-time insights into vulnerabilities and policies, and automate threat management and remediation activities.

With a myriad of compliance requirements most organizations do not approach their compliance in a holistic fashion. This can lead to ineffective risk management decisions and increased costs in order to meet necessary standards.

Contego will work with your organization to ensure all compliance activities are aligned to your desired compliance requirements and/or best practices.

PCI Compliance & Validation
  • Ensure your business is taking the necessary steps to safeguard credit card information
Compliance Readiness Assessments
  • Ensure that your organization is meeting mandatory regulations and compliances
Compliance Management & Maintenance
  • Compliance standards and benchmarks
  • Preventative maintenance
Vendor Management Services
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Vendor Compliance

Is Your Organization Maintaining Compliance?