Infrastructure Support Services

Managed Services Most infrastructure Framework type technologies (NAC, Wireless, Governance/Compliance or Forensic tools) are either still on the shelf or if implemented, only approx. 15% of the features and benefits of the technology is being utilized. Most organizations get confused and or very frustrated with the high costs of these software and/or technologies today. They feel this way because they do not think that they are getting the value out of the technology that they have just purchased.

Contego has a solution, before you purchase the technology, let's make sure that all of your requirements will be met before the purchase order gets issued. Once purchased, Contego can ensure that the configuration is conducive to the way you require the technology to help you with your business. We can help with the integration, implementation, policies and procedures that go into ensuring a successful customer experience with these types of technologies.

Contego Service will ensure:

  • Policies, procedures and configuration for GRC Framework Solutions are properly implemented
  • Help your organization choose the right technology solutions by providing Proof of Concepts, industry reports etc.

Current Technology Solutions Include:

  • Wireless Security Solutions
  • Network Access Control Solutions
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Enterprise Forensic Solutions
  • GRC Solutions