IT GRC Services: Compliance Management

Contego's Services Governance describes the leadership, decision-making structure, processes, and accountability that determine how an organization gets work done. Governance starts at the top, but it requires participation at every level of the organization. There are ways for all members of your organization to contribute to successful governance. Looking at the various groups that pass information across the organization shows that it is helpful to have a common way to communicate about GRC information. Contego will help our customers focus on the mechanisms for connecting these levels using risk management and control activities, this will result in better decision making and the establishment of accountability for results.

Contego's Governance and Compliance Management Services will help your organization identify governance and compliance requirements, deliver real-time insights into vulnerabilities and policies, and automate threat management and remediation activities.

With a myriad of compliance requirements most organizations treat each compliance requirement (PCI, SOX, HIPPA, Bill 198) in a silo and do not approach their compliance in a holistic fashion. This can lead to ineffective risk management decisions and increased costs associated in becoming complaint to the specific regulatory compliance or best practice. Contego will work with your organization (not just your IT Department) to ensure all risk activities are aligned to your desired compliance and/or best practices.